Tamara Stefanini

I was born in 1962 in Milan. Growing up with drawing with my
 sketching album with pastels, crayons, ink-pens ever flying with
my own in a fantasy world, escape by real life, far away from busy
and boring things..
After study as graphic adversiting, a day have met them..
Well! Oil colors! They asked me:" Would you like to travelling with us?"
I accepted at all! Just 'cause when only see colors, I'm just leaving with
my own..in a beautiful way, ever painting! Discovering as self-taught
and with...my oil tubes..

At first, I express through landscapes looking with eye much-photographed
such iperrealist..just for charming places almost of holidays, in special
Greece ..it was ones of my favourite ..with its blue sky, white sunny houses,
kafe.. it gave  to me such inspire..
Deal is there are too much things for painting too! Time is not  enough at all!

Then keen is become much flowing and through colour forms ...
style change,
and walking towards a introspective thinking  to capture
mood, while looking for surrounds us with a poetry outlook on life,

while it become on my canvas like a dreaming..
.just every hidden corner, of the rush of life  no ones stop watch
suggesting, that we're just running... but just look around  
a color sharing with another,  happening of season with their beautiful colors,
it  make me  dreaming remind something...form next to other, face that
it make you think, form of trees, shadows just what it looks ..
just watching nature around us and discover the poetry lost ..and thinking
about life....and of wonderful world as a precious gift, that too much time it is
forgotten and let's in rouined...

With my palette,  easel, between lot of sketched and ideas..(and my magic friends
tubes); last day I was  starting a new series of beaches..suddenly that brushes
talking ungry with me: "But,  why don't you talk about us?"
So  they have falling down it all...just to make it show itselves at once!
Splennkkktt.. spplliiinkkkt...here you are...mieoww it make to scary Pezzy-Flopsy,
my kitten it was sleeping under easel!!

For the beaches I was inspired with sun colors of seaside resorts, that are such
 remind to crowd of people, houses ...counting joinly owned close by doors in
suburbes of the cities, then again towels and cloths drying outside of sunny balcony
are looks like umbrellas by the seaside again, and sharing with blue sea, always calm
painted..but maybe is not so calm! ...  undersea there are so wonderful  world of silver
fishes..suddenly it comes in leaves or some signs of brushes by nice colors too!
 That's another story painting next time!